To quit a job for something of your own is an excellent thought and a courageous move.

One needs to be working on the plan till he is satisfied and confident enough to take the plunge, however no one can be as confidant as the business demands before actually getting into it. So research all you want but zero in on something that is the best you can do or the best you’d want to do and START.

The nuances of business will get better along the way, as they say one door would lead to many and once one is shut on you there could be multiple others opening simultaneously. Take for example this write-up, I was not sure how to start it or was waiting for the energy/mood/timing to start but I just could not gather enough meaningful words and today I just plugged the laptop and started writing and I have come this far without any perfect mood or energy. This could be possible all because of the start that we all dread.

As the cliché’ would have it, there are two facets of growth or prosperity, the famous one being Success but the more important one is the Failure. The journey to success ought to be accompanied by failure or multiple failures. This not only sharpens your craft but also lets the best version of you to the fore.

So, my young and old friends, let today be the day you put an end to all your doubts, inhabitations, conflicts, self-negotiations. Let today be the day you START. 


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