…and there I see the stadium!

As my bus wizzed past other vehicles on the expressway, I see water droplets on the window pan, my eyes lit up & my mind starts wandering.

It’s drizzling outside, the kind of pleasant rain which looks mesmerising.

I see a series of mountains and waterfalls falling from them, quite blurr amid the drizzle, the environment though, feels warm, I ponder why!

As I progress in my journey, I see different flowers planted on the divider, fluttering as the wind passes through them, like the Williamwordsworth described it with the daffodils, so many petals on the floor depicts nature’s way of beautyfying loss, the plants swirl in harmony as if wanting to tell us something. It could be to enjoy the journey of life no matter what, could be to stay happy all the time or to chug along with the journey life presents you with. May be something else! I can’t read nature, requires better capabilities than the ones in my resume.

It’s about dusk, the sun is almost done for the day, the haze blurs my vision but the place looks majestically picturesque.

I’m distracted by the cars wizzing past me before I blink.

Oh I love these roads!

Is it just about the rains then? There’s something about Mumbai-Pune expressway which makes me love it every time I travel. The amazing road, the mountains alongside them, the n number of waterfalls and those beautiful tunnels, there’s everything you expect out of a road trip, the kind of highways they showed in Need for Speed games.

Enter the tunnel and everything goes pitch black, the window pan is mist again and I draw something on it with my finger..the shape disappears as the window grows misty..I keep drawing, her long hair, her nose, I put a nose pin on her nose and it looks beautiful here too.

Why I’ve always wanted my girl to have that nose pin.. I try finding answers with a smile.

To me that nose pin is as beautiful as this journey, makes you smile every time set your sight on it.

Joyous little things of life.

All these thoughts wandering in my head as we are nearing the end of the expressway and there I see the stadium from a distance…MCA international cricket stadium, gahunje, Pune!

Have you ever felt a series of thoughts which your mind was engaged in suddenly vanishing and you enter a complete new world of thoughts on totally different aspect of life? The same happened with me and I get lost in to the oblivion of thoughts pertaining to cricket and the dream of that blue jersey!


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