A war torn nation and cricket!

“Hey! Yunus what’s your family car?”

“Shut up! Chocha! It’s not a tank!”

He’d say this and give me a warm hug! Yunus was a friend at Fergusson college Pune, from Afghanistan. He and his friends would love this city and play football as good as anyone!

I pondered what It’d be like for them playing the same sport and taking the same computer course in their own country! That was way back in 2008, now after a decade when I see the Afghanistan cricket team play their debut match against India, top ranked test team in the world, my heart fills with warmth. For not many test teams get to play a test match against India at home. India has been very accommodating to the young talents sprouting out of the afghan cricket circuit. Players like Rashid khan, Mujeeb, Md. Nabi have had the opportunity to experience cricket culture closely with their stint in IPL. As I write this blog Afghanistan may well have lost the test match against a very strong Indian team but this match was much more than the mere outcome. This marks the entry of Afghanistan in the big league and against their most welcoming neighbours! India always were the overwhelming favourites but cricket gets enriched by such historic test matches. I’m sure Afghanistan would only learn and grow from here and that is something which will make every afghani proud! Not long ago they were practising in the camps without any proper cricketing facilities. To have come all this way and to play a test against India in India, beating all odds, speaks volumes of the talent and the passion Afghanistan has to offer to the cricketing world.

Cricket pundits have put forth their thoughts and well wishes to Afghanistan cricket and I’m no different!

Eid mubaraq Afghanistan! May you continue to blossom and keep taking good strides in the sporting world of cricket!


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