Baba i want that bat…

Best feelings as they say, can’t be expressed in words; Passion certainly not. It can be reaching the ground an hour before the practice starts or it can be sitting on the wet field and getting a hang of the ground during monsoons. It can also be just fielding at 3rd man for months in a hope to make it to the team’s batting practice someday. Different people have different ways of intellectually giving shape to their passion using words but I doubt I can do that.
I, like many or any other Indian, dreamt of playing this sport called Cricket. Did not hesitate giving my sweat and blood to this game at any point of time only to later realise the dream I was weaving had lots of complications. One such complication is  having someone who hated the sport as my father.
We’d wait for our summer vacation eagerly, a bit for mangoes and a lot for cricket. Summer vacation was one time where all kids of my age and seniors would be there at the village and cricket would be intense to say the least! There were 6 footer cousins and uncles who’d be unplayable even with the tennis ball. Wicket keeping to them was tougher than what one could examine from outside! Playing them and scoring off them would have its consequences, a full quota of colourful verbose of abuses and challenges and a la Brett lee send offs! Ah! Cricket those days was a challenge everyday and yet so satisfying!
One such summer vacations was when I was in the eight grade! The Best cricket I played during school days was in this summer vacation! A batsman never forgets, they say, I’d second that! In those 40 days of vacation I played every single day! Batted every single innings! Oh by the way I was playing in the Senoir team and by then and was a respected member! The reason I vividly remember that vacation is:
1st we had a good mango season then and 2nd out of the 35-40 matches we played, I was out in Only 5, rest all matches I remained not out!
But as destiny would have it, I was not encouraged to pursue the dream of that coveted blue jersey, like many other Indian kids from a middle class family.
Baba I still want that bat..I really do!

4 thoughts on “Baba i want that bat…

  1. Often our dreams and passions get crushed under the aspirations of our parents…

    Often we are forced to fly in a direction where we see no end ….

    High time we change the scenario and let people pursue what they want…

    I could really connect to the post. Keep writing!

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  2. I remember those summer vacations, mangos and the cricket. Undoubtedly you were on the pace. We had not seen Ab or Kohli that time neither the Dhoni and you were a like a star in terms of batting your confidence and everything. I never saw someone smashing to senior players like a beast not only few overs but till the last of inning. We were under the impression that you would play national or at least 1st class. I’ve closely observed your cricket and your dream alike others. But the time has changed everything ….yeah everything !!!!

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